Special discount on purchase, lease and contract hire from Ford

DofE Licensed Organisations can benefit from a special discount when purchasing a Transit Minibus or the Tourneo Custom.

How to claim:

  1. Contact your local Ford dealer for your special discount, quoting ‘DofE‘.
  2. This discount is available whether you chose to purchase, lease or contract hire. Your details will need to verified by the Dealer to ensure you are a member of the DofE.
  3. Please provide the Ford dealer with your eDofE number and DofE Centre details. Ford will then contact DofE Head Office to verify your DofE status and eligibility for the discount.
  4. Once eligibility has been confirmed, the Ford dealer can provide a quote for the vehicle.
  5. Terms and conditions apply – available at your participating Ford Dealer.

About Ford

The Transit Minibus

If you need to move people from one place to another, your vehicle’s efficiency and comfort is key. With this in mind, Ford’s Transit Minibus and Tourneo Custom are both vehicles designed and built to be  cost effective, as well as incorporating generous space and comfort for your passengers.

  • New, more fuel-efficient engines, which meet Stage VI European emissions standards
  • Smart Regenerative Charging technology, which only charges the battery when necessary
  • Auto-Start-Stop, which saves fuel whenever you stop in traffic, resulting in lower fuel costs for you and keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum
  • Comprehensive, flexible range of body styles. Available from 8-seater up to 17-seater

The Tourneo Custom

  • Capacity for up to 8 passengers (D1 minibus training not needed)
  • Luxurious interior with innovative flexible rear seats, capable of more than 406 different configurations, giving you all the versatility you need
  • Cutting-edge features like the Ford SYNC voice control and MP3/phone connectivity system, which can even help you call the emergency services after an accident
  • Fuel-saving technologies, like Auto-Start-Stop, making it one of the most efficient in its class

Maintenance and Repairs

At Ford, they are aware that the vehicle may well cover a high mileage year, therefore servicing, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs are an important issue. With that in mind, the transit Minibus and Tourneo Custom are both designed and built to minimise the ‘cost of ownership’. Please speak to your nearest Ford dealer for more information.