Up to 20% off web hosting services

Helihoster is working alongside the DofE to provide participants and adults within the DofE network great discounts on all their products. Helihoster are offering unlimited web hosting services for less than £2.99 a month including free .co.uk and .uk domain with each order!

How to claim:

  1. Choose your plan from below.
  2. Copy the discount code from your chosen plan.
  3. Visit the Helihoster DofE offer page.
  4. Apply the discount code at the checkout.

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Helihoster Plans


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About Helihoster

Helihoster is an independent UK web hosting company created to provide personalised and professional hosting services. Their goal is to be a real asset to you, providing the support you deserve. And it’s not only for techies – here you will find everything you need from a pure web development environment to an easy to build web solution.

What do Helihoster offer you?

  • Storage – Unlimited
  • Bandwith – Unlimited
  • FTP accounts – Unlimited
  • Databases – Unlimited
  • Subdomains – Unlimited
  • Email Address – Unlimited
  • More than 300 free apps

Hundred of easy to install free cloud applications just a few clicks away.

Using their ‘easy to manage’ control panel you do not need to be an IT expert to install more than 300 applications used today on real working environments, not only on the web development area, but also on the financial, media, wiki, marketing, ERP etc. Here is a short list of some of the applications available as part of the deal:

  • Blogs – Create your own blog, easily share with the world articles, photos, anything! Using the control panel you do not need to be an expert. Includes: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla…
  • Social Media – Do you want to create your own social network but do not know where to start? These easy to install apps will get you there: Dolphin, Elgg, Oxwall…
  • Management – All you looking for a free CRM, a cloud app to manage your school projects, a professional accounting system? Don’t look further: eyeOS, Dolibarr, FrontAccount…